The Sports : Who Listens To The Radio (1978)

The Sports’ promo-video for the hit single ‘Who Listens To The Radio’ (November, 1978). A different version of this song appears on the 1979 album ‘Don’t Throw Stones’.

Trivia: The schoolgirl in the background is a teenage Gina Riley, who would later become famous as a comedian, most notable as Kim Craig of hit Australian comedy sitcom ‘Kath & Kim’. Beside her with the bleached-blonde hair is Phill Calvert, drummer of Nick Cave’s old band The Boys Next Door (later known as The Birthday Party). Boys Next Door’s bassplayer Tracey Pew (who was dating Gina Riley at the time) also makes an appearance in this video as one of the extra’s – can anybody identify him?

Other extra’s in this video are relatives to members of the Sports.

*This is the less known original single version which did not appear on the ‘Don’t Throw Stones’ album. The version found on the ‘Don’t Throw Stones’ album was the version that became the hit single in America*