The Mixtures – Pushbike Song (1970)

The Mixtures’ film-clip for the hit single ‘Pushbike Song’ (December, 1970), taken from the 1971 album ‘The Pushbike Song’.
The music video was created for the song in 1970, which depicted the band and friends riding bicycles through the streets of Melbourne. Filmed in black and white, it was notable for scenes involving a procession of bicycles (including a penny farthing and rollerskaters) on a busy six-lane Melbourne arterial road, and a scene of four members of the band ‘riding’ a tandem bicycle atop a car transporter travelling at speed across a bridge.

Australia’s Young Talent Time also performed “The Pushbike Song” during one of their episodes in 1986. The Australian childrens show Play School recorded a version of this song for the album There’s A Bear In There, sung by Philip Quast.

The Pushbike Song is currently being used on an advertising campaign for Tooheys 5 Seeds Cloudy Cider: Not As Sweet As You Think (launched 8th January 2012) was produced and recorded by Smith & Western Studios. The vocals are performed by legendary gypsy banjo player, Benny ‘The Giant’ Gogasa.
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