Monkey Grunt – Just What I Needed, Cars (Cover)

Monkey Grunt – Live @ “THE PYE & SAUCE”

Sydney hard rock cover band Monkey Grunt – recorded live on Saturday 21st January 2017, Just What I Needed – The Cars (Cover).

It was a windy afternoon at THE PYE & SAUCE so there are a few spots in the recording where you can here the wind blowing. Four Zoom Q3HD video cameras were used to record the song. The video footage was collated and edited in Final Cut Pro. Wind socks on the Q3HD’s would have been a good idea…

Recording equipment: Four Zoom Q3HD video recorders.
Editing software: Final Cut Pro.


Lead Vocals & Blues Harp – Andy Abrahamson
Lead & Rhythm Guitar – Graeme Young
Lead & Rhythm Guitar – Chris Nagy
Drums & Backing Vocals Wayne Griffiths
Bass & Backing Vocal – Phil Small

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