Cold Chisel – Forever Now

Cold Chisel’s promo-video for the hit single ‘Forever Now’ (April, 1982), taken from the 1982 album ‘Circus Animals’.

“Forever Now” was the second single from the album Circus Animals, it was the first Cold Chisel single to be penned by Steve Prestwich. The song reached number 2 in the New Zealand charts, and number 4 in Australia, the band highest chart placement. It stayed in the charts for 18 weeks. The single was released in more countries than any other by Cold Chisel. In America it was titled “Forever Now (All My Love)”.
Prestwich, who could only play drums at the time of recording, had to hum the melody to the rest of the band. Producer Opitz said, “The first time Chisel played ‘Forever Now’ on stage, it was a 7 minute version at Parramatta Leagues Club and I was blown away. I rushed to the dressing room and told the band, ‘We’ve got the single!'”
Main songwriter Don Walker said at the time, “The songs that the other guys are writing are getting so good these days, you know, like Steve has written a couple of excellent songs for radio, while this time none of mine were suitable for singles or anything like that.”
After the release of the single, Walker said, “Steve was drunk in the studio one night and was explaining that Forever Now is meant to be read on several different levels. But as far as knowing what those levels are and where they’re leading, I haven’t sat down with him sober and got right into it.”
This video clip was made to promote the song. It featured the band sitting at a table, with Barnes miming & Prestwich pretending to play drums on various objects on the table. It was actually shot in the Four in Hand bar in Paddington with a few modifications to make it appear like an airport departure lounge.
Artists to record covers of “Forever Now” include Pete Murray and The Reels.
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