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Hoodoo Gurus

Hoodoo Gurus formed in Sydney in 1981, by the mainstay Dave Faulkner (songwriter, lead singer and guitarist) and later joined by Richard Grossman (bass), Mark Kingsmill (drums), and Brad Shepherd (guitar, vocals, harmonica). Their popularity peaked in the mid to late 1980s with albums Mars Needs Guitars!, Blow Your Cool! and Magnum Cum Louder.

Hoodoo Gurus had a string of acclaimed pop-rock singles including “Leilani” (1982), “Tojo” (1983), “My Girl” (1983), “I Want You Back” (1984), “Bittersweet”, “Like Wow – Wipeout!”, and “What’s My Scene?”. After touring the United States from 1984 onwards they gained popularity on the U.S. college rock circuit with singles “Come Anytime” (1989) reaching #1 and “Miss Freelove ’69” (1991) reaching #3 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. Gurus’ biggest Australian hit single was their 1987 Top 3 hit song “What’s My Scene?”.

Hoodoo Gurus’ iconic status on the Australian rock scene was acknowledged when they were inducted into the 2007 ARIA Hall of Fame. Their induction announcement stated that the Gurus were one of the most “inventive, lyrically smart and exciting” bands from Australia. From 1960s power pop, and wild garage punk to hard driving rock and funky psychedelic kitsch their music stood out from Sydney’s Detroit-inspired bands.

Hoodoo Gurus – Bittersweet

Hoodoo Gurus’ promo-video for the hit single ‘Bittersweet’ (1985) taken from the 1985 album ‘Mars Needs Guitars’.

Hoodoo Gurus – I Don’t Mind

I Don’t Mind, written by Dave Faulkner, from the Hoodoo Gurus fifth studio album, “Kinky” was released on 9 April 1991.

Hoodoo Gurus – 1000 Miles Away

“1000 Miles Away” by rock group Hoodoo Gurus reached #37 on the ARIA Singles Charts. It was released on RCA Records in …

Hoodoo Gurus – What’s My Scene

“What’s My Scene” is an Australian Top 3 single (1987) performed by iconic rock group Hoodoo Gurus and was written by their …