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Baby Animals

The Baby Animals were formed in Sydney in 1989 by singer Suze DeMarchi, drummer Frank Celenza, guitarist Dave Leslie, and bassist Eddie Parise. De Marchi had previously recorded threes singles with EMI in the United Kingdom, and before that had played with Perth bands Photoplay, The Kind, and DD and the Rockmen.

November 1989 saw the band’s first gig at the Kardomah Café in Sydney, under the name ‘Woody’s Heroes’, and the start of constant touring through the city’s pubs and clubs. The name ‘Baby Animals’ came about after seeing an advertisement for a local TV show, Wheel of Fortune, hosted by ‘Baby John Burgess’. Another version suggests the name came from a calendar in a mall. In at least one interview, however, DeMarchi mentioned they changed the origins of the name in different interviews as it got boring answering the same questions.

The Baby Animals’ early success was driven by The Angels including one of the band’s demos “Break My Heart” on the B-side of their single “Dogs Are Talking”, along with tracks from two other rock and roll bands – Rob Tognoni’s Desert Cats & The Hurricanes. A national tour showcasing all four bands shortly followed.

In August 1990, the band signed a publishing deal with SBK Songs (now EMI Songs). Whilst attending one of their gigs, Terry Ellis, president of the newly formed Imago Recording Company signed them to his label.

In 1995 on the verge of their first major US tour, their US-based record company Imago Records folded after losing its distributor, BMG. In early 1996 the band officially disbanded.
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