AC/CD – Girls Got Rhythm

‘Girls Got Rhythm’ is found on AC/DC’s 1979 sixth studio album Highway to Hell. The song was released as a single the same year.

As AC/DC progressed, they began to push towards a sound that rocked as hard as their old albums but had the immediacy of a good pop song. The band perfected this approach on Highway to Hell, an album that represents a perfect marriage of rock firepower and pop accessibility. One of the best examples of this approach is “Girls Got Rhythm,” a short, sharp ode to girls who have got “the back-seat rhythm.” In terms of musical elements, this song is not too different from the band’s speed rockers: the lyrics are lusty, the chorus has the expected shout-along feel, and the melody is simple but energetic. However, the way these elements are arranged in “Girls Got Rhythm” differs from past rockers because the song kept to a pop song length and its focus lies squarely on its catchy chorus. The pop friendliness of the song is further enhanced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange’s production, which polishes the group’s previously fuzzy guitar sound to a radio-friendly sheen and pushes the call-and-response harmonies on the chorus to the forefront. Lange also adds a beat-heavy intro that falls somewhere between new wave and disco. Despite these radio-ready touches, the group’s hard rock energy shines through with plenty of punchy guitar riffs and stomping drum work. These genre collisions result in a perfect marriage of energy and hooks that makes “Girls Got Rhythm” one of AC/DC’s most accessible songs.
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